Restaurants and bars

The restaurant at the hotel is no surprise, but we do it. Our menu mostly consists of European and Ukrainian cuisine. Here You can taste the real Ukrainian borsch, homemade pierogies, and, of course, will be able to order a plate of bacon with horseradish and mustard. The kitchen has long become one of the brightest features of our country, and we learn why it happened. In warm time of year on the territory of the hotel offers a summer terrace of our restaurant. Here You'll get a big range of dishes on the grill. You will be able lonely to sit in the pavilion, themselves or with their company, where no one will disturb You, or You can hold warm, in every way, the evening at a table surrounded by other guests of our hotel. We have become the permanent resting place for many travellers, and the evening in our restaurant are often reminded of meeting long-familiar friends. And when the morning comes, summer ground of our restaurant turns into jobs outdoors (on the summer terrace there is free WiFi coverage). Other hotels in Kharkiv can not offer such conditions.

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